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build your business with builder track data and statistics on new residential building starts
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Builder Track began providing new residential construction information to our customers in 1992.

Since then we have continuously added details to make profitable use of our information easier.

Residential addition and remodel projects as well as select commercial information is also provided.

See a SAMPLE of the Builder Track Report.
The sample is a report for a single two week period.

Builder Track Quarterlies provide summary information for builders, developers, suppliers, banks and other parties that want to see the big picture.
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Bi-weekly reports designed to make calling on Residential Building Projects and Builders easier than you ever thought possible!

Our bi-weekly reports are easy to read and use, and are designed to improve your business.
Builder Track Reports are your source for the most current information on new residential building starts, including: 

      * Site Address 
      * Construction value and/or sq. ft. 
      * Builder's name, address, phone and a contact person 
      * Type of project: single family, condo, apartment, etc. 
      * Homeowner information (when available), including name, address,    and phone number

Highlighting recent changes to the bi-weekly reports:

We have added builder email addresses when available.
A second builder phone number appears when available.
We have expanded our job description info if the permit gives additional information.
Our Grand Rapids Report includes Ionia County as well as Kent.
Our Lakeshore Report includes most townships south of Holland all the way to the Indiana border.

See a SAMPLE of the Builder Track Report.
The sample is a report for a single two week period.

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Builder Track provides a valuable insight into the construction industry. We have been able to increase our business through marketing to contractors building homes in the segment we are targeting.

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